Software tester - a profession that is in the TOP-5 most popular in the labor market in IT. Due to the fact that this specialty has a fairly low entry threshold, but at the same time great opportunities and prospects for development, it is considered the best option for entering IT.

Testing is one of the most important stages of preparing a software product for launch. Each program, site or update must be tested and debugged before reaching the user. It is thanks to this stage that it is possible to avoid significant financial costs of support.

At TesterLabs, we will help you master the prestigious and highly paid profession of QA engineer, thus laying a solid foundation for your IT career.
During training you get all the necessary skills and knowledge to get started. From the first months of study, our students receive an offer and the opportunity to develop their IT career.
Basic testing module
"Basic testing module" is a set of 6 courses, which provides the most complete basic knowledge for mastering the profession of software tester and meets modern high requirements in the field of IT. Passing the Basic module in TesterLabs will give you an advantage among those who have taken a course only on software testing, or have studied the theory on their own, as the module includes a list of necessary knowledge for successful employment.
For whom:
"Basic testing module" - a course for everyone who wants to work and earn in IT. You can be an accountant, financier, banker, environmentalist, work in insurance, medicine or education, this will be your advantage when entering the IT field as a software tester.
Basic knowledge :
Course for people without special education and work experience. This is an opportunity for everyone.
Short description :
Software testing is the easiest and fastest way to sign in to IT.
The software tester has the lowest list of requirements for employment. In most cases, a candidate for the position of junior tester is asked the basics of testing theory, English, SQL - depending on the projects. Whereas, developers need to know an order of magnitude more.
Contrary to existing stereotypes, the role of the tester in the team is no less important than the role of any other employee - because the key to the success of any company lies in the products that are developed QUALITY.
You will find quite promising career ladders, which in addition to the path of a quality specialist can be transformed into software development. Test automation, business analysis, QA-manager, Test-leader - these are just some of the areas that, in addition to interesting and diverse benefits, also have well-invigorating salaries.
The basic module in TesterLabs will help to master the profession of a tester even for those people who do not have education or experience in the IT field. We do not guarantee you a wonderful assimilation of information in just one month, as many "training centers" like to boast of such promises. The program of the basic module includes 6 courses, which is a confident 6 months of study. You will need to study hard, work on yourself, homework and at least 4 months of training (just as long as the testing courses, Unix + network and SQL), you can start looking for work.
Software tester is a popular and highly paid profession. Specialists in this field of information technology have a huge choice and potential for development.
The basic testing module is a course for a tester with employment, which will help to master the profession of a tester from scratch and successfully get a job after four months of study. Classes are designed so that you get all the necessary theoretical knowledge and most importantly consolidate them in practice. TesterLabs students have a unique opportunity to practice on real projects, thus replenishing their portfolio.
The testers' course consists of six parts, lasts six months and ends with a final exam. During this period, a person who does not have even the minimum knowledge of IT, will be able to successfully work and earn in this field. Of course, with proper dedication and responsible attitude to learning.
Software testing
For whom :
A course for those who want to start developing in the field of software testing.
Basic knowledge :
Course for people without special education and work experience. This is an opportunity for everyone.
Short description :
Software testing is your first step towards a promising and highly paid tester profession. Today, software testers are one of the most sought after professionals. This is not surprising. After all, no software product, website, game, application will be launched without QA.
In the QA course you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to develop as a tester. In the software testing basics course you will learn:
  • software testing methods,
  • software testing systems,
  • software testing methods,
  • stages of software testing,
  • software testing purposes,
  • types of software testing,
  • software testing tasks,
  • the result of software testing.
The basics of software testing in TesterLabs combine the necessary theoretical basis and maximum practice on real projects. This type of work helps to create or replenish your portfolio for further employment.
Software testing courses in Kyiv, throughout Ukraine and abroad can undoubtedly be considered the best transport in the world of the IT industry, which is ruled by promising professional growth, consistently high income and a sense of belonging to the future, because, if not information technology leads humanity forward .
Lack of technical education and the general opinion that only a few can be programmers, leave this profession among the desirable. In fact, the IT industry is growing rapidly and is constantly in need of new staff, and it is testing courses in Kharkov will help you in the shortest possible time to become part of the world of information technology.
Why testing courses and Kyiv?
  • The requirements for the "Software Tester" vacancy often do not contain any particularly complex criteria, the mastery of which involves a whole higher education. Becoming a tester is possible for absolutely everyone, regardless of education, gender and age
  • Testers can easily transform into developers by mastering the automation of testing, which means that the road to the IT world is completely open to quality professionals
  • Why Kyiv? In addition to its administrative significance, Kyiv is also the IT capital of Ukraine
TesterLabs combines all the necessary concepts for the new profession, such as: courses, software testing and Kyiv, all of Ukraine and abroad. And also: a team of trainers - current specialists in their field in the largest companies in Ukraine, constant support of students, both during training and after employment, flexible payment system and much more, which in total leaves no choice which company to trust.
We offer you more than just software courses and testing in Kyiv throughout Ukraine and abroad. TesterLabs is ready to guarantee a new profession and a promising future.
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